1. Harkiran Kaur

    Samagam. Wearing Dastar Before Amrit?

    Ok so you all know I have been practicing tying a dastar for awhile now. I feel I'd like to wear it around people a little bit prior to doing Amrit. Would it be ok to tie it for samagam this weekend at the Gurdwara? Even if most of the time I don't tie one....yet?? Or will people look down on...
  2. spnadmin

    Controversial Panch Pardhani Leader Arrested; Prevented From Attending Shaheedi Samagam Of Bhai Jaspal Singh

    Panch Pardhani leader arrested; prevented from attending Shaheedi samagam of Bhai Jaspal Singh Ajnala/Gurdaspur, Punjab (March 29, 2013): According to...
  3. bscheema

    Katha Sarabhjeet Singh Dhunda. Moga Samagam Video sarabjeet singh dhunda in 1..part..4 - YouTube
  4. Vikram singh

    Disrupted The Gurmat Samagam! Sad

    In a highly unfortunate incident in India some self styled Sikh Missionaries disrupted the Gurmat Samagam at Faridabad, last week. The incident shocked the sangat which stood up to protest these anti sikh elements and asked Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri to continue the Gurbani Kirtan. Here are...
  5. K

    Sikh News Samuhik Vivaha Samagam (Mass Marriages) Of 18 Sikh Couples Performed In Hyderabad

    Samuhik Vivaha Samagam (Mass Marriages) of 18 Sikh Couples Performed in Hyderabad May 11th, 2009 Hyderabad, May 10 : With blessings of Guru Granth Sahebji, as many as 18 couples who never dreamt of getting married in a such a befitting manner that too in the presence of over 20,000 sikhs...
  6. K

    General BC Samagam Live Broadcast

    Keertan.Net - The Only Sikh Multimedia Search Engine - Part of the Waheguroo! Network Presented by aka Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Welcome to Keertan.Net's Live Broadcast of December 2006 Samagam ...