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  1. Admin

    Ganga Sagar: History, Mystery, Legend, Devotion

    Ganga Sagar: History, Mystery, Legend, Devotion by MANPREET KAUR SINGH The human psyche has a unique fascination for tradition and history, whether oral or written. But nothing is more evocative than tactile history - when a tangible object revered by tradition and talked about in history...
  2. Caspian

    Controversial The Legendary Ganga Sagar: An Investigation Of Its Structure And Properties

    I haven't posted in a few months :p my last post got wayyyyy tooo hectic, I couldn't keep up with it in all honesty. But now onto the Ganga Sagar There's a reason why I opted to put this thread in the "controversies" section. But that's simply because I believe its a fraud. I know of a great...
  3. Admin

    Gurcharan Singh Jeonvala And Sukhbir Singh Discussion On Dasam Granth At Sur Sagar TV

    Gurcharan Singh Jeonvala and Sukhbir Singh Discuss Dasam Granth at Sur Sagar TV YouTube- PART 1 - Sri Dasam Granth Discussion - Panthic Singhs vs. Jeonvala Kalaa-Afghana YouTube- PART 2 - Sri Dasam Granth Discussion - Panthic Singhs vs. Jeonvala Kalaa-Afghani YouTube- PART 3 - Sri Dasam...
  4. Admin

    Sikh News Pakhandi Sant Baba Prithpal Of Gurdwara Gur Sagar Arrested On Corruption Charges

    Pakhandi Sant Baba Prithpal Sinh Arrested in Punjab Chandigarh, Jan 2 : A Sikh preacher who heads a prominent gurdwara here and who is wanted in cases of cheating and fraud was arrested in a Punjab town Saturday, police said. "We arrested Prithpal Sinh from Machhiwara town (near Punjab's...
  5. G

    Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Di Ganga Sagar De Pavitar Darshan LIVE

    Dear Sangat, Another Great Event By GurbaniTvonline.com Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Di Pavitar Gannga Sagar (Gagar) Ji De Darshan Live Online This Event Is Held On Jan. 24th,2009 From 7-9 Pm PST And Sunday Jan 25th,2009 10 AM To 1Pm PST , Indian Time Sunday 25th ,2009 8:30 Am To 10:30 Am...