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  1. R

    Sant And Sadhu

    Sat Sri Akaal, "GURU's BANI" profess about "SAT SANGAT" In the sangat of "SAINT" and "SADHU" "SAT" "TRUTH" "SAINT" One who has awareness of internal truth of "BODY" and "MIND" and hence can keep control over "MIND" and "BODY" events can impart education to "Seekers" "SADHU"...
  2. findingmyway

    Shabad in Focus

    In an attempt to bring more Gurbani into our lives it would be great to analyse one shabad every week. It will be wonderful to get your thoughts about what the shabad is telling us and how we can implement it into our lives. The more contributors, the more we learn! This is my interpretation...
  3. findingmyway

    Sidh Gosht - An Alternative Translation

    Everywhere I look for an interpretation of Sidh Gosht I see the same English translation which I find confusing and which doesn't adequately get the message across. I thought it would be good to have a go at interpreting it with the SPN sangat to get a more in depth sense of what Guru Nanak Dev...
  4. P

    Christianity Sadhu Sundar Singh

    Does any one know about Sadhu sunder Sign?plz tell me..:)
  5. S

    Role Of Sangat In Panth

    Section III How is a Sant produced? Sri Naranjan Singh Ji used to say that, just as an almond has a kernel and a shell, the same way, Naam (Waheguru hidden inside everyone and everywhere) is the kernel, everything else (including religion, theology, and philosophy) is just the shell. pl...