1. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition Harmeet Kaur Took The Lead ! First To Respond To Textbook Challenge !

    The Sikh Coalition sent this release. Harmeet Kaur is an active sevadaar who lives in Houston, TX. When she received the Sikh Coalition's request to find textbooks that mention Sikhs [ ], she...
  2. namjiwankaur

    How Your Campus Can Respond To Oak Creek

    HOW YOUR CAMPUS CAN RESPOND TO OAK CREEK (from Groundswell website) You can combat hate and build community through the power of storytelling and service. Organize a film screening and dialogue on your campus, and follow up with a year-long service project with your local Sikh community...
  3. BaljinderS

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Sikh Genocide 1984: CBI Fails To Respond To Plea Against Clean Chit To Jagdish Tytler

    New Delhi, India (March 20, 2012): As per media reports the CBI today failed to submit to a Delhi court its written arguments in reply to claims of victims of 1984 genocidal violance against Sikhs in India that there was enough material to proceed against Indian leader Jagdish Tytler but the CBI...
  4. spnadmin

    Canada Vancouver Residents Respond To Teacher's Plea For Food, Clothing For Inner City Students

    Moderators please do not remove contact information from this article. Thanks. spnadmin Carrie Gelson has issued an appeal for help for children attending her inner-city school. They need snacks, socks, shoes and people who care. VANCOUVER -- Metro residents are opening their hearts...
  5. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Congress Seeks Time Until June 24 To Respond To 1984 Charges

    NEW YORK: The Congress Party has sought time till June 24 from a US court to respond to charges of "conspiring, aiding, abetting" the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in a case filed by a community group. Adam Finkel, from New York-based law firm Sabharwal Nordin & Finkel which is also a counsel for...
  6. stupidjassi

    Sikh Beadbi - Please Respond

    Hello guys there is a big 'beadbi' going on with a sikh picutre. ' A sikh nihang singh is shown in toilet. He was misunderstand as Muslim.' Islam - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia (Scroll Down Little bit on that page) I have sent an email to admin but i wish if everyone just...