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    Ramayana And Ram Avtar Sahib: Misunderstood By Brother Sumra

    Gurfateh (14/06/09) ਗੁਰਪ੍ਰੀਤਸਿੰਘਸਮਰਾ Dear Santokh Singh ji and other readers, Santokh Singh ji has asked the question “Where it is written that Ram committed suicide?” 1) It is written right within the Ramayana in the seventh book of Ramayana called “Uttara Kanda”. Most of the...
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    Ramayana - Lessons For Everyone To Learn

    Ramayana - lessons for everyone to learn By Darcy Starr Anyone heard of this great epic? Well, i have, i have even did my own version of, and lost it, lol. anyways, i think this story deserves to be mentioned cause it has many good points and is universaly known. It may be in hindu religion...