1. spnadmin

    Malaysia IGP Slammed For "Ridiculous And Arrogant" Statement On Questioning Of Children

    IGP slammed for “ridiculous and arrogant” statement on questioning of children BY RITA JONG The statement by the Inspector-General of Police that police do not...
  2. BhagatSingh

    CHALLENGE: Can YOU Break The Science Barrier?

    It's hard to introduce such videos. They are just amazing! I hope these inspire viewers to understand science AS IT IS, not how its propagated by people. The purpose of the videos is to motivate the search for knowledge and the understanding of scientific principles that have been established...
  3. J

    Life - Existence - Purpose - We Will Never Know?

    Hello Everyone! I send everyone my warm and humble respect and regards. I began my life religious (Sikhism) at a very young age, and as time went by, I began to drift further and further away from being as religious as I used to be. I was lucky to have even gone to Punjabi school and...