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  1. Ishna

    Query About Jhatka Meat By Shooting In Head

    Gurfatehji The Pizza thread got me thinking... I recently watched a program here on TV (gee I watch a lot of TV...) where they get lots of people with different opinions and have a guided discussion about a topic. The topic was about meat eating in Australia and we heard the POV from the...
  2. D

    Who Is A Sikh? A Non Sikh Friend's Query!

    :happymunda:I went to see a friend who is hindu bania and is a surgeon but he is very much interested in the teachings of Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Devji and Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji. He is well versed in Gurbani and knows the meanings and "Tat Saar" , I mean "TAT GURMAT" more than me. We had a...
  3. S

    General Query

    I wanted to upload couple of presentations (.pps - power point show) Is there any provision for doing that ? If not then i feel there should be one. Thanks
  4. K

    Power Of Pauri's In Japji Sahib Query

    For eg from the link below: http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/sikhism.nsf/d9c75ce4db27be328725639a0063aecc/0b0fda39d893f20d872565b7007b33cc!OpenDocument "FIRST Pauri ("Sochai soch na hova-ee") The total knowledge of God and esctasy is contained in this Pauri. The rest of Japji Sahib is an...
  5. T

    Sikhism A Query

    I am looking for some fine pieces of text like bandni nama. I could'nt find it on the internet. it would be nice if someone points me to the internet link or tell me the titles of the books so that i can purchase them from the market. preference goes to panjabi books. thanx a lot.
  6. prabhdeep_hanspal

    Query For Sikhs Living In USA Or CANADA

    vaahe guru ji ka khalsa , vaahe guru ji ki fateh i dont know if i'm posting this msg at right place, but brothers i wanted to know how do gore treat our sikh brothers i mean if a sikh child is born in country like USA made to go to school how does other children treat him, imean are sikhs...
  7. prabhdeep_hanspal

    Query For People In USA

    vaahe juru ji ka khalsa , vaahe guru ji ki fateh well it was good to hear from aman singh ji, this is for brothers living in USA especially eastern coast, i wanted to know wots the status of our sikh brothers in american community like for example in NY , i mean do poeple know about sikhs or is...