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  1. namjiwankaur

    Islam Muhammad - When The Prophet Pbuh Is Insulted

    #Muhammad - when the Prophet pbuh is insulted. The first is in Arabic, the second is in English http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=ao0NT3WpRuw http://youtu.be/I6zuKbBlmRo peacesign
  2. N

    Islam Actual Fact, From The Mouth Of The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him

    peace be upon you The prophet mohammed peace be upon him says: (day of resurrection will not come till money increases between you ... 1 - Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him told us about many signs for the imminence of day of resurrection as he said: (one of these signs is that money will...
  3. N

    Islam Prophet Lot And The Painful Reality Today

    Scientific references in the story of Prophet Lot Holy Prophet peace be upon him) Peace be upon you respected members of the Forum In this story we live with some scientific facts to learn from them, and sure of that Islam is the religion of truth, to read, thank God Almighty for the blessing...
  4. P

    Islam Prophet Muhammad’s Promise To Christians

    Connected thread at http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/sikh-news/28877-have-faith-dialogues-say-leaders-new.html#post118510 Confident people do not get confused — Marina Mahathir JAN 4 — I found by chance this article the other day: “Prophet Muhammad’s Promise to Christians”. The document is not...
  5. K

    Arts/Society FIR Filed Against Shahrukh For Comment On Prophet Mohammed

    FIR filed against Shahrukh for comment on Prophet Mohammed Friday, June 19, 2009, 11:06 [IST] King Khan is in trouble again. The Bandra police has filed a case against Shahrukh Khan yesterday (18th June) for hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslims. The Muslim community is not...
  6. M

    Islam Jesus Prophet Of Islam

    Has anyone read the book titled jesus prophet of islam by Muhammad Ata Ur-Rahim, Ahmad Thomson. Its a detailed and informative book for both Christians and Muslims of how both the torah and original message of Jesus (isah) s.a was corrupted and changed. I recommend it to all those who are...
  7. D

    Islam Why Mohammad (pbuh) Told He Was The Last Prophet?

    Why Mohammad told He was the last prophet? Rohit: Swami! In Quran, it is stated that Mohammad is not father of any one. Further it is stated there that He is the last Prophet sent by God. What is the inner meaning of this, if this verse is genuine statement? Swami: Oh Rohit! You have picked...
  8. J

    Guru Nanak: A 'False' Prophet?

    Sikhs do call, Guru Nanak as their Prophet. Which is wrong, becos hazrat Muhammad [SAW]was the last prophet, and all others who claim to be one, are hypocrites and false prophet. Guru Nanak was no Prophet just reformer, it would be clear by reading the fowlling. Qualities of a Prophet of...
  9. A

    Was Guru Nanak A Prophet?

    Was Guru Nanak a prophet on lines of Jesus or Mohammad ? Please put some light on the issue. Regards