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  1. aristotle

    UK Statue Of Turbaned Sikh Fighter Pilot Unveiled In Gravesend

    A statue of the longest surviving fighter pilot from a group of 24 Indians who arrived in Britain in 1940 has been unveiled in Kent. Sqn Ldr Mahinder Singh Pujji arrived in Britain in 1940 and died at the age of 92 in Gravesend in 2010. The statue is intended to represent all the service...
  2. spnadmin

    World Emirates Issues Clarification After Sikh Pilot Alleges Discrimination

    Emirates issues clarification after Sikh pilot alleges discrimination Days after a Sikh pilot alleged discrimination by the Gulf-based Emirates Airlines, the airlines has issued a clarification. Emirates Airlines has said that wearing a hat on duty is mandatory for all pilots. The pilot...
  3. spnadmin

    World Sikh Pilot Alleges Emirates Denied Him A Job Because He Wears A Turban

    Sikh pilot alleges Emirates denied him a job because he wears a turban Priyanka Dube, Karma Paljor New Delhi: A pilot has alleged discrimination by the Gulf-based Emirates Airlines, saying that after being shortlisted for an interview he was turned down only because he wears a turban...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Supernatural Reincarnation Evidence: Boy Was WWII Pilot

    Reincarnation Evidence: Boy was WWII pilot ABC News: Boy gives evidence of being reincarnation of WWII pilot (5 min) http://www.personalgrowthcourses.net/video/reincarnation_evidence_abc_boy_pilot_wwii
  5. spnadmin

    Gurus Martyrdom Of Guru Teg Bahadur (1621 - 1675)

    Tayg Bahaadar simaree-ai ghar nau nidh aavai dhaa-e This is a beautiful tribute in remembrance of Guru Teg Bahadur, rendered in the classic Karnatic style of raag, by Srikant Bhakre. Hope you like it! YouTube - Bhajan - Jo Nar Dukh Guru Tegh Bahadur, 1621-75 A Brief History Born...