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  1. Ajuni

    Philosophy Vs Religion. What Are Your Insights?

    Sat Sri Akal to all! I would like to gain some insight towards the following topic, please and thank you. To my understanding Sikhi is not a religion, it is a philosphy - a philosphy of denouncing religions and understanding that god is one and god is within. simply to praise god and...
  2. S

    Guru Nanaks Concept Of Nature

    There are two fundamental concepts that run through almost all schools of Indian philosophy: the concept of purusa and prakriti. Broadly speaking, these concepts correspond to the concepts of 'subject' and 'object'. This duality between 'life' and 'nature' and 'mind' and 'matter' is present in...
  3. G

    Sikhi And Turban

    Do Not Relate Turban With Terrorism Many people mistake Sikhs as Muslims due to their turban. If you see a man or a woman walking down on American streets wearing a turban, he or she will most likely be a Sikh, a follower of a monotheistic religion originating in 15th century India. Sikhs do...
  4. E

    Philosphy Of Religion: Can One Be Passionate About Religion?

    I thought about this this morning. I know in a lot of faiths, if someone tries to be apart of your faith or uses elements in your faith, you feel that they are just fooling around and should be serious. But I got to thinking... could that be a form of a religious superiority complex? Let's take...