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    Satguru Nanak Aap Parmeshwar

    Aapey Laayo Apna Pyar Sada Sada Tis Gur Ko Kari Namaskaar Dhann Guru Nanak Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Sahib started opening the flood gates of Divine Wisdom by uttering wonderful hymns from his very tender age. The Teacher of the Teachers, this Child World Teacher illumined the hearts of the...
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    What Is Difference Between Guru And Parmeshwar As Per Gurbani

    sat sri akal ji, I have one doubt about difference between guru and parmeshwar as per gurbani . doubt is because as i understand that what 1 guru said can never be contradicted by any other guru ( guru in other mahala). but i have two shabad's which do confuse me some what. first...