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  1. F


    I follow the Old Testament along with a few other people. We are looking for a refuge from modern culture which we consider to be evil. This is partly for our families. We do not want our children to grow up around evil, and we ourselves would like to associate with moral people. We do not...
  2. spnadmin

    Judaism Be Wise : Let Bearded Orthodox Rabbi Menachem Stern Serve

    Be wise: Let bearded orthodox Rabbi Menachem Stern serve An orthodox Jewish rabbi is suing the Army to serve as a chaplain without having to shave off his beard. Beards are banned by Army regulations; having one is required by orthodox Jewish law. The Army says Rabbi Menachem Stern is...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Why Orthodox Sikh Terrorists Are Up In Arms

    source: INDIAN CATHOLIC : Why orthodox Sikh terrorists are up in arms Why orthodox Sikh terrorists are up in arms INDIAN CATHOLIC NEWS - Sunday, Jun 14, 2009 Several days after the attack on the top leadership of the Ravidass religious sect by orthodox Sikh terrorists in Vienna...