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  1. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition Sikh Coalition Organizing 9/11 Hearings In New York City

    Sikh Coalition Organizing 9/11 Hearings in New York City By SiliconIndia, Friday, 19 August 2011, 02:03 Hrs Fremont: As the 10-year anniversary of September 11th approaches, the Sikh coalition is organizing a Community hearing on 20 August. This hearing will be on the discriminatory impact...
  2. A

    Organizing The Threads

    Is there a way to organize the threads? hehe there are sooooo many of them! (vadiya!) but i cant relocate some when i search for them... lol it would be nice to have categories... maybe this exists and im blind, cause im new here... if anyone can help me out... :D:D:D