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non sikh

  1. P

    Help! Im A White British Guy With A Sikh Girlfriend

    Okay so first of all i want to say i hope i don't offend anyone with this post, that's not why i'm here. My story: Im a 20 year old white british guy, my girlfriend is a 17 year old sikh. We have been going out for over a year now and her familiy do not know i exist, I am madly in love with her...
  2. desilegend

    General Can A Non-Sikh Mother Or Non-Sikh Father Grow A Sikh?

    Sat sri akal! I have a question! Can a non-sikh mother or non-sikh father grow a SIKH child? With so many Sikhs marrying out of their race or their religion, do you think non-sikh parent teach their child Sikhi? Do you think child might be confused? I need your opinion! Anyone married out of...
  3. C

    A Relationship With A Non-sikh: Any Advice

    Hi. I am a caucasian man in his mid-twenties. I am a doctor and I would call myself spiritual but non-religious. My problem is that I am in a long term relationship with a Sikh girl whom I love very much. She is also in her mid-twenties and a doctor. She is a sikh but does not practice...