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  1. Astroboy

    Anand Sahib - Audio & Video (Line By Line)

    Audio file 18 min YouTube - Anand Sahib - Sikh Prayer
  2. Astroboy

    Rehiras Sahib (Sampooran) - Sikh Prayer

    Rehiras Sahib: is the evening prayer of the Sikhs. Five different Gurus contributed to the evening prayer Guru Nanak, Guru Amardas, Guru Ramdas, Guru Arjan & Guru Gobind Singh. Each one enlightens another aspect of God. The rehras is the evening prayer of the Sikhs. It is recited at the end of a...
  3. Sherab

    Sikhism Nitnem Gutka - Gurmukhi W/ English Translation

    Hi all - this is more of a request. What nitnem gutka do you use? Pics of the nitnem gutka, or a link where i can see and possibly make a purchase of the same copy you have would be nice. I want to compare the Nitnem Gutka's so i can see which one I like best. Preferablly something close to...
  4. K

    Nitnem Bani's - Rushing Through Them

    A general question on reciting Nitnem Bani's. Why do people rush through Nitnem bani recitation like "speedy Gonzales" without full concentration or truly understanding what they are reciting. Isnt it therefore better to recite just the amount of Gurbani one can concerntrate on.? And the...