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  1. K

    Naamdhari "Sikhs" Doing Yagna Like Hindu Brahman/Pandits?

    Those of you who still think Naamdharis are Sikhs then watch this: Naamdhari "Sikhs" Doing Yagna Like Hindu Brahman/Pandits??? YouTube- Hawan
  2. J

    Being Naamdhari Is Sikhi

    My rules are simple: One post at a time to keep 1v1 debate/talk instead of 10 different discussions in all different directions. If will attempt to each question. If someone already posted before you, wait for me to reply so we stay on the same boat(repeating wut I said above). Premises is...
  3. drkhalsa

    Sects Discussion On Naamdhari Sikhs

    Dear all and Brither Naamdhari Sikh( username here on spn) Iam strating this thread with reluctance as it should be my Naamdhari brother who should have done for the reason best best known to him he never didi it even on my two request My Naamdhari Fellow have some complains with the main...
  4. K

    UK Gurdwaras Insult Guru Sahib By Promoting Naamdhari Cult

    UK Gurdwaras Insult Guru Sahib by promoting Naamdhari Cult Wednesday 21st of February 2007 Panthic Weekly News Bureau United Kingdom - Earlier this month, Panthic Weekly exposed (see Naamdharis...
  5. S

    Being Naamdhari Is Sikhi

    Fellow Sikh Brothers and Sisters, Sat-Sri Akaal I have refrained from contributing my humble opinions on this site for a good few months after members started to get abusive.. Under such circumstances it begins to get difficult to retain ones composure and answer with objectivity...