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naam simran

  1. How to Meditate? | How to Do Naam Simran? | as per Gurbani?

    How to Meditate? | How to Do Naam Simran? | as per Gurbani?

    https://youtu.be/shq1QZG7dOI?t=42m28s https://youtu.be/shq1QZG7dOI?t=45m14s
  2. S

    Yoga V/s Simran V/s Meditation?

    So today is International Yoga Day. Yoga is particularly popularized in India by yogi ramdev baba . There are various breathing exercises . My mom does them and says she feels better. But I told her naam simran is above all of it. What do you think ? Is it even fair to compare yogic...
  3. Sherdil

    What Is Naam?

    What is Naam? I have seen many people talk about Naam Simran. They advocate repeating the name "Waheguru, Waheguru" again and again. They claim it is a way to connect to the divine and experience the creator. However, what makes this form of chanting different from the other forms practiced...
  4. K

    Naam Simran - The Heartbeat To Life

    Blog post from http://conversationsfromasikh.blogspot.co.uk/ Without Naam Simran, one cannot achieve salvation. Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji stresses this in his simple message of Jaap Naam, work honestly and share your earnings. There’s a lot of focus on attending the Gurdwara Sahib and...
  5. R

    Naam Jap, Simran And Naam Simran

    Sat Sri Akaal, Please correct/reject or accept thought. parabh kai simran jap tap poojaa. In the remembrance of God are chanting, intense meditation and devotional worship. parabh kai simran binsai doojaa. In the remembrance of God, duality is removed. atal padvee naam simran...
  6. Archived_Member16

    Naam Simran At Amritvela

    NAAM SIMRAN AT AMRITVELA This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Salok Kabeer Jee on Pannaa 1372 kbIr swcw siqguru ikAw krY jau isKw mih cUk ] AMDy eyk n lwgeI ijau bWsu bjweIAY PUk ]158] kabeer saachaa sathigur kiaa karai jo sikhaa mehi chook || a(n)dhhae eaek n laagee jio baa(n)s...
  7. S

    Understanding JapJi Sahib Pauri 8-11

    Pauri 8 In first and Second Pauri Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is telling us about How living under His(WAHEGURU/LORD/GOD) Hukam is important. So we are told to live under HIS WILL. In the third Pauri- Guru Ji is describing all the different ways humans sing His Praises. God, the...
  8. P

    Naam Simran & Shabads

    SSA, Can anybody please describe the difference between 'Naam Simran' and 'Shabads as written in Guru Granth Sahib' in context to achiving your final destination as preached by our Gurus? To me it seems 'Naam Simran - Meditating in the name of the true Lord' is the main thing and Shabads seem...
  9. Archived_Member16

    Discovery Of Self Through Naam Simran

    Discovery of Self through Naam-Simran Gulshan Jeet Singh* * 5-Rampur Mandi Road, Dehradun-248001. U.P. Naam Simran is a purely spiritual experience within reach of all humanity irrespective of race creed on social status. Success varies and depends on the practitioner’s earnestness as well as...
  10. Archived_Member16

    Gurus Naam Simran

    With Divine Love & Blessings of Waheguru Ji, please sit back, click on the following link, relax & enjoy the NAAM SIMRAN ( duration 9 minutes) ...