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  1. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition Don't Mess With Texas: Sikh Coalition Bowlathon

    winkingmunda YouTube - ‪Sikh Coalition Bowl-a-thon in Houston, TX‬‏
  2. IJSingh

    What A Fine Mess We've Got Us Into!

    We are currently getting some wood floors installed in our house; that is how I am spending my vacation. I have to stay home watching the work, and inhaling the tons of sawdust and paint fumes. Yes, they can be mood altering, but not in the ways described by dope-heads. And the house is in...
  3. G

    Hindus Blame Pakistan For Their Own Mess!

    Sat Sri Akal to all, Well just noted in this recent BBC article how intolerance is unfortunantly still widely among the population at large in India. Should be noted, at leas the comedian in the article got the chance to go back to a safeheaven i.e. his homeland. I guess Sikhs are forever...
  4. S

    Translator's Mess

    scI kwrY scu imlY gurmiq plY pwie ] (19-12, isrIrwgu, mÚ 1) By true actions, the True Lord is met, and the Guru's Teachings are found. ********************************************* May kindly go thru. the above line.Is the translation in order? One meets the God and then finds the Gurus...
  5. N

    Sikh News Bangladesh Does Not Need To Go Back To 1971 And All The Mess Upto 1974 (News From Bangladesh)

    The recently released papers by US show that Sheikh Mujib, the great Muslim / Islamic leader, had only wanted a federation between Bangladesh and West Pakistan and not two independent states...