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  1. Ambarsaria

    Is It A Mirage? I Want To Merge With The Big Jyot

    Fundamental in lot of discourse is the concept of achieving a higher level of spirituality. Many a times this is translated as to “Merging of one as a small “Jyot” (light)" into something called a bigger Jyot or almost symbolically merging with the creator. I believe it is just a useless...
  2. Admin

    Prof Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa - Explains Attempts To Merge Sikhi Into Brahminism

    Prof. Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa Explains attempts to Merge Sikhi into Brahminism YouTube- 1 - PROF DARSHAN SINGH - Explains attempts to merge Sikhi into Brahminism YouTube- 2 - PROF DARSHAN SINGH - Explains attempts to merge Sikhi into Brahminism YouTube- 3 - PROF DARSHAN SINGH -Explains...
  3. A

    Light Merge In Light

    Light Merge in Light: Light is everywhere, even in the darkness. Iness stops us from recognizing its existance. Guru Ji tells us: 'O mind you are the embodiment of Divine Light'. It is the Light of Consciousness. When light merges with light, It shines, one becomes immortal. It liberates one...

    Merge In The Light Of God

    akhand mandal nirankaar meh anhad bayn bajaav-ogo. ||1|| In the imperishable realm of the Formless Lord, I play the flute of the unstruck sound current. ||1||bairaagee raameh gaav-ogo. Becoming detached, I sing the Lord's Praises. sabad ateet anaahad raataa aakul kai ghar jaa-ugo. ||1|| rahaa-o...
  5. S

    US Airways To Merge, Move Base To Arizona (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - US Airways Group Inc. and America West Holdings Corp. said yesterday that they would merge in a $1.5 billion deal that would create the nation's largest budget airline with service throughout the United States and overseas...