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  1. Rishpal Singh

    Gurus The Role of the Masands in Sikh History

    From the time of Guru Nanak, the Sikh community or panth grew steadily in numbers. Its followers were primarily attracted to join because of the Gurus precepts and doctrines which, inter alia, included melodious singing of divine hymns, and discussions of social evils such as untouchability, the...
  2. A

    Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Manjhi The Mountain Man

    An eccentric man undertakes an impossible mission---to build a road alone through a mountain that blocks direct access to the neighbouring town . For that town has the facilities like hospitals etc that his village lacks , and it was because of the lack of these facilities that he ( Dashrath...
  3. K

    Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved A Mountain - The Mountain Man

    Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Mountain Man If you're looking for some motivation, stories don't get much more inspirational than that of Dasrath Manjhi. 53 years ago, he set out to carve a 1mk-long path through a rocky hillside, all by himself, in order to make it...