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  1. spnadmin

    Canada Sikh Doctor: Quebec Will Lose Ethnic Physicians If It Goes Ahead With Racist Proposal

    Sikh Doctor Says Quebec Will Lose Ethnic Physicians If It Goes Ahead With Racist Proposal By Gurtej Singh http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/08/31/sikh-doctor-says-quebec-will-lose-ethnic-physicians-if-it-goes-ahead-with-racist-proposal/ Montreal (August 31, 2013): Quebec will lose public...
  2. Archived_Member16

    India Convicted Lawmakers To Lose Membership: SC

    Convicted lawmakers to lose membership: SC Can’t continue in the House even if an appeal is pending R Sedhuraman - Legal Correspondent - Tribune India New Delhi, July 10 In a landmark judgment that has the potential to cleanse Parliament and assemblies of criminals in a big way...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Opinion Do Countries Lose Religion As They Gain Wealth?

    Updated: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 - By CBC News, cbc.ca Do countries lose religion as they gain wealth? The world's poorest nations are also some of its most religious – but does that mean religion can't flourish in a prosperous society? Gregory Paul doesn't think so. After constructing a...
  4. Ambarsaria

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji: How To Lose Attachments, Salvage, Be Purified And Remove Darkness? 5

    Perhaps a very basic quest for many of us. It may or may not be a goal in itself but does substantially impact how we live our lives. Let us review the following, Sidhas/Yogis ask: Guru Ji’s answers: Guru ji greatly emphasize the focused and connectivity with the creator and...
  5. spnadmin

    In The Realm Of Religion, Women Lose Out

    The Female Factor In Realm of Religion, Women Lose Out By NILANJANA S. ROY Published: January 11, 2011 NEW DELHI — In the week before a prominent Pakistani politician was assassinated for questioning the country’s blasphemy laws, a news report from Erbil in northern Iraq underlined how laws of...
  6. findingmyway

    General Charities Lose Thousands As Crime Gangs Target Clothing Donations

    By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent Tuesday, 4 January 2011 Clothes donated by members of the public to charity are being stolen by organised criminals and sold abroad, depriving leading charities of millions of pounds for good causes. Gangs from...
  7. spnadmin

    Have Faith, Lose Weight: New Study Connects Faith And Fitness

    Forwarded by SPN member Tejwant Singh ji Malik By Adelle M. Banks Religion News Service (RNS) Adding faith to the exercise regimen of African-American women may prompt them to be more fit, a UCLA study shows. Researchers studying black women from three Los Angeles churches who...
  8. N

    Sikh News Sikh Schoolboys Lose French Case (BBC News)

    A French court upholds the expulsion from school of three boys for wearing Sikh turbans. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=1208arr9s/*http%3A//news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/world/europe/4461905.stm