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  1. D

    It is natural to change in the thoughts of everyone

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  2. Ishna

    How Do Sikhs View Someone's Pre-Sikh Lifestyle (and Current Circumstances)?

    This thread is an offshoot from this one. I think the topic of marriage and "converts" to Sikhism is a complicated one. If you are raised in a Sikh family, brought up with Sikh principles, or even just Sikh in appearances with little understanding, you're likely to to married to a Sikh by...
  3. Randip Singh

    UK Jonathan Aitkens Girl Alexandra Sikhs New Lifestyle

    Jonathan Aitken’s girl Sikhs a new lifestyle . . . Last updated at 2:04 AM on 27th October 2010 Old Etonian *Jonathan Aitken has made a career out of re-*inventing himself, from war correspondent and TV mogul to Tory MP and jailbird — and, last but by no means least, a born-again...
  4. Randip Singh

    475 Pound “Fat Guy” Transformed By Bodybuilding Lifestyle

    I don’t feature guest authors on Bodybuilding Secrets.Com very often, but the man you’re going to read about today - a man who weighed nearly a quarter a ton, lost 300 pounds, then became a recreational bodybuilder and extreme sports enthusiast - has such an inspiring story to tell, I’m honored...
  5. S

    What Do You Say About This Lifestyle?

    DINKY is an acronym, short for dual (or double) income, no kids yet. DINKY is occasionally used (in the UK, India, and China) to describe a high-earning couple who choose not to have children and are therefore able to afford a more expensive consumer lifestyle than those with families. A...