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    Sikh News Pakistan Radio's Comment On Sikh Leadership Deplored (ANI Via Yahoo! India News)

    Chandigarh, Nov 24 (ANI): Pakistan Radio comments criticising Sikh leadership has evoked displeasure among members of the community here. Sikhs, particularly those living along the border, have questioned the credentials of Pakistan Radio. What has upset them are comments like "Sikh leadership...
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    Sikh News Pakistan Radio's Comment On Poor Sikh Leadership Fails To Convince Indian Sikhs (ANI

    Chandigarh, Nov 24 (ANI): Persistent efforts to disturb communal harmony in India has led the Sikh community to question the credentials of Pakistan Radio. It is a known fact that its propagandist programmes do not enjoy much popularity among Sikhs living along the Indo-Pakistan border in...
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    Christianity Followers Will Miss Graham's Leadership (Daily Herald Via Yahoo! News)

    If Jesus is the hand of God incarnate, then the Rev. Billy Graham has arguably been the fingers, touching an estimated 200 million people worldwide with an evangelical message of redemption...
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    Leadership By Turban By Ravi Singh

    Leadership by Turban Ravi Singh Audiobook and MS Windows compatible E-book on CDROM I wear a turban. What does that mean today in the United States of America? Can I wear my turban and fit into the American mainstream? How do I balance my identity with my daily activities? After years of...
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    New Kyrgyz Leadership Seeks Order In Tense Times (Reuters)

    Reuters - Kyrgyzstan's new leadership will seek on Saturday to tighten its grip on the Ex-Soviet Central Asian state where there were few signs of the serious looting seen in the capital the previous night...