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    Heritage SGPC To Use Latest Technology To Preserve Sikh Scriptures

    SGPC to use latest technology to preserve Sikh scriptures HT Correspondent Email print The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has decided that all rare manuscripts and scriptures and other related texts on Sikh religion and history will be preserved by using the latest...
  2. H

    Yogism Turbans And White Robes: The Latest Yoga Craze Is Kundalini

    sat sri akaal anyone having full access to article on Times and what are your views spnadmin note: I tried to locate the full article on alternative web sites with no luck. To get the full article one has to be a...
  3. Archived_Member16

    World Italy Burqa Ban? Country Is Latest In Europe To Mull Outlawing Muslim Veils

    August 2, 2011 Italy Burqa Ban? Country Is Latest In Europe To Mull Outlawing Muslim Veils The Canadianm Press - August 2, 2011 ROME - An Italian parliamentary commission Tuesday approved a draft law banning women from wearing veils that cover their faces in public. The draft...
  4. K

    India India's Latest Export: Rent-a-Womb

    India's Latest Export: Rent-a-Womb by SHARON KIRKEY Inside two special houses in the Indian state of Gujarat, the women spend their time waiting. They live together, eat meals together and take sewing, cooking and English classes together: 67 surrogates whose bellies bulge with the babies of...
  5. Vikram singh

    Politics Latest Target For Congress Censors: Book On Sonia’s Life

    The Congress’s censorship goes on. After objecting to certain parts of Prakash Jha’s movie Rajneeti, the party is now up in arms against Madrid-based writer Javier Moro’s novel based on its president Sonia Gandhi’s life. The Spanish book is called El Sari Rojo (The Red Sari, subtitled When Life...
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    Arts/Society Delhi Gets Its Latest Architectural Marvel

    Delhi gets its latest architectural marvel Delhi gets its latest architectural marvel- Hindustan Times Delhi will soon have a new tourist spot, just in time for the Commonwealth Games. Guru Tegh Bahadur Memorial, an architectural marvel that promises to give an insight into the life...
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    Opinion SGPC Gets Latest Machine To Print Guru Granth Sahib

    SGPC gets latest machine to print Guru Granth Sahib Varinder Singh Tribune News Service Amritsar, December 12 Guru Granth Sahib will now be printed on an ultra-modern Germany-made and fully computerised four-colour offset printing machine that has been acquired by the Shiromani Gurdwara...
  8. S

    Sikh News Punjab Showcases Latest Innovations At Machine Tools Expo (ANI Via Yahoo! India News)

    By Ravi Khandelwal New Delhi, Aug 13 (ANI): Punjab, an emerging leader in the machine tools manufacturing sector, recently made its presence felt at the 'India Machine Tools Show - 2007'. The mega event exhibited the latest engineering technologies and machinery tools. Over 1000 business...
  9. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Sikh News Latest And Hottest Punjabi Newspaper

    Dear readers.. Check out the latest and hottest new Punjabi Newspaper in Punjab.. The Best so far. What the SGPC and related sant baabs failed to do in the last 40 years..rozanaspokesman is doing in 4 MONTHS... Happy reading...Only half naked girl bodies...
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    Sikh News Five Civilians Die In Latest Kashmir Violence (AFP Via Yahoo! News)

    Five civilians die in latest Kashmir violence (AFP via Yahoo! News)*http%3A// Array Fri, 16 Sep 2005 05:49:37 GMT Suspected Muslim...
  11. N

    Christianity Local Catholics Speak Out On Latest Harry Potter Book (KSBY-TV)

    Wizards, witches, and muggles are waiting for the release of the sixth Harry Potter book, but according to a German writer, Pope Benedict XVI is concerned that the novels "distort Christianity."...
  12. S

    Apple Debuts Latest Video, Film Editing Software (Reuters)

    Reuters - Apple Computer Inc. on Sunday rolled out Final Cut Studio, a suite of video production software for professionals that includes a new program called Soundtrack Pro, aimed at making video and film projects sounds as good as they look in high-definition formats...
  13. V

    Sikh News In This Corner Of Punjab, The Latest Sardars Come From Bihar

    Gurfateh have a look! In this corner of Punjab, the latest sardars come from Bihar To be ‘like everyone else,’ Bihar migrants convert to Sikhism in Jalandhar villages...
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    SPN Gallery Latest Uploads/Updates

    Gallery Guys! added few of my favourite paintings in the gallery enjoy:up:
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    Sikh News Latest Human Rights Reports On Punjab

    October 30th, 2004 India: Prosecute Killers of Sikhs End Two Decades of Impunity On the twentieth anniversary of the mass killings of Sikhs, the new Congress-led government should launch fresh investigations into and make a public...
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    Latest News

    Sikh leaders clash in USA Tribune News Service Amritsar, October 18 An unsavoury situation arose when two groups of Sikh leaders of the USA clashed in the Tri City (New York) in the presence of Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti and Giani Tarlochan Singh, Jathedars of Akal Takht and Kesgarh Sahib...