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  1. Admin

    Burrowbridge Charity Activist And North Curry Stalwart Honoured In Chairman's Awards

    A CHARITY activist in Burrowbridge and a North Curry stalwart have both been honoured at the Somerset County Council Chairman's Award in Taunton. Ravinder 'Ravi' Singh and his charity Khalsa Aid arrived in Burrowbridge at the height of the most recent floods, coinciding with a volunteer response...
  2. Admin

    Sikhi Langar-Aid - Sikhs Have Set Up A 'Langar' In The ISIS Territory Of Syria To Feed Refugees

    Large-hearted Sikhs have taken their traditional community kitchen to one of the most dangerous places on earth today – Syria. Giving a twist to the concept of langar, a group of Punjabi NRIs has collaborated with locals to provide fresh bread to nearly 14,000 refugees daily in the strife-torn...