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    Sikh News Punjab Government To Establish 'Internet City' (Asia Pulse Via Yahoo!7 News)

    Punjab Chief Minister, Pervaiz Elahi, has said that the Punjab government would establish 'Punjab Internet City' at a cost of Rs 1.28 billion (US$21 million) near Kala Shah Kaku where local and foreign IT companies would be provided land to enhance direct foreign investment, strengthen...
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    Sikh News "Janamsaakhis" On Internet ! ‘Janamsaakhis’ on Internet Tribune News Service Patiala, January 13 Punjabi University, Patiala, has digitalised and downloaded “purataan janamsaakhis” on the Internet ( The “janamsaakhis”...
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    Islam Radical Islamists Use Internet To Spread Jihad (Middle East Times)

    PARIS -- While he calls for a return to the Islam founded in the seventh-century, his communication methods are up-to-the-minute. Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi, the head of Al Qaeda in Iraq, turns to the Internet to spread his message of jihad, or holy war...
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    New Game Helps Kids Stay Safe On Internet (AP)

    AP - Having trouble navigating cyberspace, kids? Never fear — George Jetson is here. Jetson, Kim Possible and other pop-culture characters are part of a new interactive game designed to help children understand and stay safe on the Internet. Called MySecureCyberspace, the game was the result of...
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    Supreme Court Weighs Internet File-Sharing Case (Reuters)

    Reuters - Supreme Court justices questioned on Tuesday whether the recording industry's attempts to shut down online file-sharing networks would deter inventors from developing new products like Apple's iPod music player...
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    ReviewBOT - Your Free Guide To Internet

    ReviewBOT - Your Free Guide to Internet - ReviewBOT is an online directory of Internet. You can add your site for free!