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interfaith marriage

  1. A

    Dating Out Of Religion

    I am white and my boyfriends in Punjabi/Sikh. My family has raised me Catholic but I am very loosely attached to the religion. We keep having problems because he doesn't want to tell his family about us, mainly because of my ethnicity and religion. Another issue is our age, I am in high school...
  2. IJSingh

    Interfaith Mixed Marriage In Gurduaras

    MIXED MARRIAGES IN GURDUARAS I.J. Singh & Guruka Singh Oh! what a mess it is that we sometimes make with the best of intentions and all in the name of God and love for our Gurus. Recent incidents in Great Britain and elsewhere show us that all hell seems to be breaking out around a simple...
  3. R

    Interfaith Marriage: Sikh & Catholic

    Hello. I wanted to respectfully ask why Sikhs and Catholics aren't allowed to marry. I'm confused because I thought Sikhs believe that people are not defined by their religion ("There is no Muslim. There is no Hindu.") and they strive to protect people who are discriminated against because of...
  4. K

    Advice Required

    SSA. I belong to a jatt family and would like to marry a Ramgarihan. We both are afraid to tell our parents. I would like to gather some information on both castes before bringing it up with our families. Can someone please advise if this is possible. My family is a hard core jatt who think...