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  1. Admin

    Most Influential Sikhs In History And Why? Suggest Your Pick

    Who according to you, after the Sikh Gurus, is/are the most influential persons in Sikh History and Why? Added here are some of the people who influenced Sikh history from one time other. This list will grow as when you add to the list. Note: If you feel like you can make multiple selections...
  2. desilegend

    General Who Is The Most Influential Sikh

    Dear friends, I have decided to create a poll about famous Sikh people. I need your opinions. I would appreciate if you mention anyone who comes to you mind! Please explain 'Sikh' in 5 words! Who is the most influential Sikh from the past and present? Most inspiring Sikh literature you ever...
  3. N

    Sikh News Influential Kashmir Separatist Accepts Pakistan's Invitation (AFP Via Yahoo! News)

    An influential Kashmiri separatist said his group has accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan next week in a bid to secure Kashmiris a place in talks for resolution of the dispute over the Himalayan territory...
  4. M

    Most Influential Man In History

    yea um heres the link cos that didnt come out very well Religion of History's 100 Most Influential People .