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  1. Admin

    Realizing Hukum

    by Sardar Moninder Singh Learned Interpreters of Gurbani are unanimous on the theory that whole of Guru Granth Sahib ji is written as an answer to one question and that question is: ਕਿਵ ਸਚਿਆਰਾ ਹੋਈਐ ਕਿਵ ਕੂੜੈ ਤੁਟੈ ਪਾਲਿ II – (1) Kiv Sachiara hoyea kiv koorae tuttae paal. (How can I become a...
  2. H

    Sikhism Hukamnama Of Akal Takht Sahib (History And Concept)

    Hukamnama, literally means "Royal Order." As Akal Takht Sahib is the Throne of the Almighty, the orders issued by Akal Takht Sahib are called Hukamnamas. The letters written by the Sikh Gurus too were also called Hukamnamas. In the middle ages, the orders from the worldly rulers were also known...
  3. 1

    Consensus Gurbani Word Meanings

    Dear Seekers of the Truth to Oneness : For key terms such as Naam and Hukam is there "community/expert" consensus on the origin, elements, structure , function and application of the meaning of these foundational/fundamental terms that appear in the SGGS, specifically as they were used at...
  4. Tejwant Singh

    Miracles In Sikhi

    I used to be a keen runner. I have run several half (13.1 mile) and full (26.2 mile) marathons in Brasil, where I lived for nine years. It all started one early morning, at 3 AM to be exact. I ran three times around the block out of sheer vanity with my fellow drinking buddies. I was the only...
  5. J

    Sects Sab Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai Guru Manyo Granth And The Radha Soami

    I have a friend who has taken the path veering off sikhism into the radhasoami cult, and he, and the general RS population, I am led to believe, strongly believe that in order to learn from the religions of the world today, inc the Guru Granth Sahib, that there must be a living Guru, and as such...