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hindu religion

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    How To Define "Respect" For Other Religions?

    "Do not say that the Vedas and the Koran (semitic books i.e. Bible, Torah and Qur'an) are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false." Guru Granth Sahib page 1350 We know that Guru Nanak exhorted Hindus to be good Hindus and Muslims to be good Muslims. My question is, how does this...
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    Sikhism : An Old Wine In - New Bottle

    Sikhism is an Adoption of Hinduism I consider sikhism as an alteration and bady of Hindu religion with nothing original in it.It is a copy of the Hindu religion. The following article has been taken from one of ongoing post. Guru Nanak’s Doctrine of Divine Order[Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal*] *...