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  1. singh_man

    What Happens To "bad/evil" People?

    Since Sikhism believes in reincarnation of the soul, what happens to the bad people in our society? Do they get reincarnated into less fortunate suffering souls in their next life? Do they become a lower life form? Since we don't believe in the existence of a heaven or hell what happens to that...
  2. K

    The "World" Hereafter

    Everyone knows that life will eventually come to an end.. but what after that?:unsure: Does anyone know what sikhism teaches about afterlife... or if there even is an afterlife. I always here so many different things and am confused on whether there is heaven/hell and or if we believe in...
  3. B

    Heaven Hell Satan God

    I know that these are Christian concepts, but what relevance do they have in Sikhism. Am i right to say that Sikhs see us being trapped in the cycle of birth,death,rebirth as our hell, and the breaking free from this and achieving oneness with God as being Heaven? Therefore do Sikhs believe in a...
  4. K

    Heaven Hell And Sikhism

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i daily hear katha of late gyani sant singh ji maskeen he several time mentioned that there is no heaven no hell.a person living with all the worldly pleasures is living in heaven .on the other hand a person born on street living on street...
  5. N

    Christianity On The Roads Of Rural America, Signs Of Heaven And Hell (International Herald Tribune)

    All over rural America, the national instincts for public spectacle and proselytizing come together in religious roadside attractions, from the homespun eccentricity of Cross Garden to the theme-park slickness of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida...
  6. N

    Sikh News Heaven Is The Company Of Pretty Girls

    http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1241268,00110004.htm Heaven is the company of pretty girls Hindustan Times, India - 1 hour ago ... He has written best selling books like Train to Pakistan, Delhi and The Company of Women. His scholarly work includes a history of the Sikh religion. ...
  7. N

    What Is The Meaning Of 'Hell'?

    What is the original meaning of the english word 'Hell' as used in the King James Bible, and many others? Does the original meaning have any gearing the how we should view the word 'Hell'?
  8. J

    Heaven And Hell ?

    What a Sikh thinks about this concept ?
  9. P

    Christians Always Talk About Going To Heaven Or Hell, What Does Sikhism Say About It?

    Christians always talk about going to heaven or hell, what does Sikhism say about it? Q: Christians always talk about going to heaven or hell, what does Sikhism say about it? A: Christians believe that God lives in heaven and Christians always talk about going to heaven. First of all...