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  1. B

    Harleen Kaur Uncovered

    Wow........ even Brazilian girls (Giselle Monteiro) know how to make Sikh girls look good, the other Harleen Kaur (the Scottish one) maybe could learn something from her? YouTube- Harleen Kaur Of Love Aaj Kal - Giselle Monteiro Interview Well done Giselle Monteiro winkingmunda
  2. Admin

    Harleen Kaur Britain’s Next Super Model: Fears Cultural Backlash?

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  3. Admin

    Harleen Kaur Nottay: Britain's Next Top Model?

    Harleen Kaur Nottay admits she has had an “internal struggle” balancing her cultural beliefs with the modelling competition. Interview: http://video.stv.tv/?bcpid=37654293001&bctid=111702110001 Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Harleen admits her journey into the final 14 was plagued with...