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  1. Z

    Harinder Singh Mehboob's Essay On The Dasam Granth

    Please see Harinder Singh Mehboob's Essay on the Dasam Granth 1 Dasam Granth: The Question of Authenticity Harinder Singh Mahboob When the earthly sojourn of the Tenth Master was nearing its end at Nanded, he gathered the small bunch of his devout followers around him, and declared in an...
  2. spnadmin

    Opinion Ardaas, Condolences For Mai Harinder Kaur Now Bereaved Widow Of Simon McCoy

    Simon McCoy, husband of our beloved Mai Harinder Kaur ji, esteemed mentor and member of Sikh Philosophy Network, left his physical body on September 21, at 0230, Pacific Time. He suffered from kidney and liver failure. After several days in ICU and then hospice care, Simon returned to Akaal...
  3. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Dry Masalas By Mai Harinder Kaur

    I propose to put in here a whole bunch of spice mixtures I have developed over the years, primarily as substitutes for the dreadful things you buy premixed in stores, expensive and stale and full of salt. I hope others will also add any personal masalas they have come up with, too. Two...
  4. spnadmin

    Happy Birthday To SPN Mentor, Mai Harinder Kaur

    Mai ji Thanks for all you have given to SPN and its members. cheerleader
  5. Admin

    Meet Harinder Singh, The Man Who Invented The "Pure Punjabi" T-Shirt

    The owner and brains behind a highly successful retail chain would surely be some corporate shark, with a no nonsense attitude - the kind of guy who is inclined toward power dressing. Hmm ... not necessarily. Meet Harinder Singh, the man who invented the "Pure Punjabi" T-shirt. If you...
  6. Admin

    Celebrating Sikh Smiley Art By Mai Harinder Kaur Ji

    :geekkaur: :geeksingh: :happykaur: :veryhappymunda: :carefreekaur: :happysingh: :shymunda: :shykudi: :happykudi: :thinkingkudi: A Complete List of All Smileys: Sikh Philosophy Network - Smilies Gurfateh SPN'ers !! Well, we all have come to love these adorable smileys and have been using them...
  7. Admin

    Harinder Singh Mehboob (d.2010)

    In the sleepy, almost time warped nook in Sangrur, Harinder Singh Mehboob engaged with some of the most complex issues, some of these having to do with matters of life and death and others with problems related to Sikhism. Neither did his mind ever stop functioning, nor did his pen stop...