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    Many Punjab Women Entering Greece Illegally, Say Gurdwaras Many Punjab women entering Greece illegally, say gurdwaras Jalandhar: Many young women from Punjab in search of jobs abroad end up illegally in Greece, where they are forced into the flesh...
  2. spnadmin

    A Sikh In Greece

    A Sikh in Greece from A Sikh in Greece | SikhNet 1) Introduction This we believe, is an inspiring story. Every time we read it, we get new emotions. I have read it once, twice, thrice, perhaps, even more times. This true story motivates the reader to be a true Sikh. It seems as fresh...
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    World’s Healthiest Foods: Yogurt (Greece)

    World’s Healthiest Foods: Yogurt (Greece) Many think of yogurt as just a sweet snack. But the thick, creamy, rich kind that’s traditional in Greece has...
  4. Arvind

    Anyone From Greece Here?

    or anyone who knows the physical address and contact details of a gurudwara in Greece. There are about 5000 sikhs there, but I couldnt locate any gurudwara details for Greece. Any help or pointer is appreciated very much. Regards, Arvind.