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    Sikh News Britain Has 'disgraceful' Record On Ethnic-minority Candidates (Independent)

    Britain has a "disgraceful" record on promoting ethnic-minority politicians, black leaders said as research forecast that 98 per cent of MPs elected on polling day will be white...
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    Realm Of Grace

    The fourth division is the realm of grace. He says, when you are filled with shame His grace pours on you. When you become zero, emptiness, then perfection descends on you -- not before that. Your stiff-backed arrogance is the obstruction between you and His grace. You rely on your own self, you...
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    Realm Of Shame And Grace

    Life away from God is bound to be meaningless -- if not full of misery. It becomes like a nightmare, and you want to awaken but you cannot. You feel somebody sitting on your chest, and your arms are powerless to push him away; or someone is trying to shove you down a mountain and you have no way...