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  1. Ayla

    Mediumship And Sikhism

    I have a question regarding Mediums. First, let me explain myself. I come from a long long of family members who are "psychic" in nature, what I mean by this, is they have the ability to see spirits (ghosts and demons) and hear, feel or sense them. I am among them, and although I may want to...
  2. Ghost As Per Gurbani | Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda | Q & A Session | G S  Seremban Malaysia

    Ghost As Per Gurbani | Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda | Q & A Session | G S Seremban Malaysia

  3. spnadmin

    Travel Ghosts On A Roll

    by SHARMILA CHAND Spending time with wandering spirits can be fun as the Ghost Month celebrations in Taiwan show. It's a summer pleasant evening amid the centuries-old buildings and beautifully carved and decorated red temples. People of all ages are busy lighting fires, burning paper...
  4. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom A Gandhian Apology To Sikhs For Ghosts Of 1984?

    by Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia Secretary General, World Sikh Council: American Region A recently released WikiLeaks cable from August 2005 included an assessment by a senior diplomat at the American Embassy in New Delhi, India. It describes the parliamentary apology tendered by the Indian Prime...
  5. K

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom The Ghosts Of 1984

    <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="//bin.clearspring.com/at/v/1/button1.6.swf" id="atff" width="1px" height="1px"> </object> 1984 & I: The Ghosts of 1984<small>by SHREEVATSA NEVATIA</small> <!-- <small>October 18th, 2009</small>--> The following article is...
  6. R

    Is There Such Thing As Ghosts According To Sikhism?

    Hi All, I am just curious if there is such thing as 'Ghosts' according to Sikhism? Please let me know your opinions on this topic...thanks. Regards, Rani:)
  7. K

    General Ghosts

    Recently there was a good discussion on another sikh site about ghosts. so i am starting a poll here. Whether the present spn sangat beleive in ghosts. Also if you have any ghost stories to share then please share
  8. Gyani Jarnail Singh


    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI fateh. Almost daily I come across "Sikhs" who tell me they have so much shardha in Gurbani..they beleive every single word of Gurbani..and this tells them that there are BHOOTS and PRETS.( also YUGS and Reincarnations..84 lakh joons and jamraaj and...
  9. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    How To FIGHT. Ghosts. Bhoots. Prets

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. Please go to this site and read the books by Megh Raaj mitr..on socalled Bhoot attacks on Women in India. Links also given below. The Tarkshil Society India has a STANDING REWARD of RS 1 Million to anyone..BABA..Maharaj ji..sant or whatever who can...
  10. Prabh


    Since I am at such a young age, I hear many ghost stories from my fellow peers to scare me. But i am wondering are there really ghosts. I am not talking about people who do bad things. I am talking about people who after they die turn into ghosts.
  11. R

    Ghosts And The Paranormal

    Where do we stand on their existence?:confused:
  12. Sher_Singh

    Nanak Has No Miracle

    Guru Fateh Sangat Jeo. As you all know that in Sikhi we are forbidden to believe in miracles. I read a line which is in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and would like the Gurmukhi script to it, shabad name, verse, page number etc. I no what the english translation is but i am asking you, my fellow...