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  1. S

    "Bend It Like Beckham" - Changing Gender Roles In Britain?

    hello, with great interest I read your posts and I´m convinced that your answers may help me. In Germany I have to write a research paper on the following topic : "Bend it like Beckham" - an interpretation of the film with reference to the conflicts of a Sikh cultural background and...
  2. E

    Segregation Of Gender In Gurudwaras

    The issue that was raised in one of the threads was "Why do we segregate on the basis of gender while sitting in the presence of sri guru granth sahib ji in gurudwaras... while usually at langar both men and women sit together?" Lets deliberate.
  3. Arvind

    General Tell Your Gender

    Just to get some data abt active members here :)
  4. N

    Gender Contradiction (Townsville Bulletin)

    THE position of women in Myanmar society is difficult to make sense of. The indicators are all contradictory. On the one hand, they pride themselves on their enlightened laws regarding the status of women who are equal under the laws regarding marriage, divorce, inheritance, pay rates and so on...
  5. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Equality Of Gender In Sikhe. An Article I Came Across Today

    WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH. Here is a beautiful article on Women in Sikhe that I came across on the web today.... Equality of Women, in Sikh Ideology and Practice By Valerie Kaur A drastic distinction between the roles of the male and female exists in all of history's modern...
  6. drkhalsa

    Relocating Gender In Sikh History: Research Or Blasphemy

    Relocating Gender in Sikh History: Research or Blasphemy Kashmir Singh The stance, tone and tenor of Doris R. Jakobsch in her book Relocating Gender in Sikh History is anti-Sikh. It aims to denigrate the pure khalsa traditions. The author gleefully highlights the negative and anti-Sikh...
  7. C

    Gender Roles

    I know Gurus said equality, but did they set gender roles? The reason I ask is because of the names men and women have in Sikhism: Princess for women, Lion for men. This kind of implies to me that maybe women are expected to look pretty and men are meant to be fierce warriors... Also, women give...
  8. C

    Gender Roles

    One of the things I respect about Sikhism is the message of equality and the fact that all are equal in respect to Guruji's teachings. Sikhism teaches that the human race is responsible for separating themselves, the thing is that Sikhs, in my opinion have still clung onto certain images anc...