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    Leisure Indian Farmers Seek Fame And Fortune Through Bhangra Beat

    http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/indian-farmers-seek-fame-and-fortune-through-bhangra-beat-2121667.html As Balbir Jagga drives a tractor around his farm in northwestern India, he dreams that the fields he tills will propel him to international music stardom. Jagga...
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    True Guru Is Found By Great Good Fortune

    There is no difference between Guru, Waheguru, Ultimate Truth, God, Bani, Naam, Gobind .. Different terms used for same ONE- our Lord, God. So Guru is present everywhere, within all of us. 'Finding a True Guru', what does it mean? Doesn't it tell us that we have to become a true...
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    Sikhism And Fortune Telling

    I often get confused, whether to believe on the people who tell fortune or not. I have never been able to find an answer because there are some people who have been able to tell what is going to happen in my life, what happened in my past life and what I am thinking to do. For instance, this...
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    Sikh News Thailand Holds Interfaith Service To Pray For Good Fortune After Year Of Disasters (AP Via Yahoo! As

    About 300 people gathered Sunday for an unusual national religious service to pray for good fortune in Thailand after more than a year of turmoil wrought by the Asian tsunami, violence in the Muslim-dominated south and bird flu outbreaks, a report said...