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  1. Ambarsaria

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji Being Asked: Where We Come From, Go To, Stay Absorbed In And Where To Find The Fo

    Some very interesting questions being requested of Guru ji. These appear to be quite in line with what a child and even the oldest of all may seek answers to. Questions posed are that where does it all come from and where does it go. In all of this one is always absorbed. Recognizing the...
  2. mahanbir singh

    The Form Of God Let Others Contest. My Formless God Is The Best

    There is lot of misunderstanding about the form of God. Some know that God is formless yet worship Him in various forms. OUr Hindu brothers worshiip Him in the form of idols. They have huge & bertiful mandirs & installed moorties made of stone.I am not criticizing them.If this gives them peace &...
  3. C

    Formless Or Multi Form?

    (70) In this world, what is the greatest sin one can commit? Ans: Shriji Maharaj has told us that to believe God as nirakar (formless) is the most atrocious crime. There is no sin worse than that. Because God exists, we exist. When one does not realize that, it is a terrible sin. (71) What...