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female infanticide

  1. Ishna

    Is Sikhism Or The Sikh Message Weak?

    This thread got me thinking about a rather negative question: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/inspirational-stories/33649-indias-one-woman-charity.html Sikhism was created in Punjab 500 years ago. Why are so many Punjabi's continuing to live against Sikh principles? You'd think the area...
  2. Randip Singh

    India's Unwanted Girl's

    I was sickened by this documentary today :8-(:: BBC NEWS | Programmes | This World | Harsh reality of India's unwanted girls We must do something....any ideas on how we can help?
  3. Tejwant Singh

    Sikhi: Seeking For Answers (Dera Sacha Sauda Episode)

    Sikhi: Seeking for answers. We see another upheaval created by one more personality based Neo –Sikh Sect, disguised as the only Sikhi way. Sacha Sauda- ‘The Real Deal’. I read on the following site that the concept of this sect has gone unnoticed since its inception in 1948...