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  1. A

    Sikh Characters In Famous Movies

    There are some movies which depict Sikhs as a very normal part of the landscape, nothing exaggerated, no need to make any special point or to highlight anything, just a character in the film like any other, except he happens to be a Sikh. I love these kinds of movies, because to me it seems...
  2. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Interfaith How Jesus Is Most Famous Person In History . And Cameron Is Only 1,483rd

    How Jesus is most famous person in history ... and Cameron is only 1,483rd, according to internet searches Figures are ranked according to opinions expressed on the internet Algorithm predicts how important people will remain 200 years after death Highest ranked Briton on the list...
  3. spnadmin

    Buddhism Embrace Jesus, Famous Buddhist Tells West

    Thich Nhat Hanh, who will visit Vancouver this summer, wants various religions to engage in inter-spiritual dialogue with each other The world's second most famous Buddhist is heading to Vancouver this summer with a message that may resonate among West Coast residents, who are on the front...
  4. bscheema

    Famous Quotes About Sikhs And Sikhi

    Sir Winston Churchill was very well conversant with the bravery of the Sikhs, who had fought for Britain in the World Wars. Churchill while speaking in the British Parliament said: ".....It is a matter of regret that due to the obsession of the present times people are distorting the superior...
  5. Admin

    FAQs Are There Really Famous Sikhs?

    The current Prime Minister of India is a Sikh named Manmohan Singh. The first Asian American elected to the U.S. Congress was a Sikh named Dalip Singh Saund in 1956, who served three terms from California and wrote the book Congressman from India.
  6. K

    Famous Sikhs At The Time Of 6th Guru

    Today i was reading these vaars of bhai gurdas ji http://www.searchgurbani.com/main.php?book=bhai_gurdas_vaaran&action=pauripage&pauri=29&vaar=11 Vaar 11 Pauri 29 Names of the Sikhs of the sixth Guru lSkr BweI qIrQw guAwlIeyr suienI hirdws] lashakar bhaaee theerathhaa guaaleeeaer...
  7. S

    Bhai Chatar Singh Ji Famous Shabad "Nindo Nindo"

    Hi Dear member's This is my first post in this forum. I hear few nice shabad's 15 years back and now i m looking for few good one but not able to get. If any one of u also heard those any one of them then plz update me. there i mention few lines may be it help full for iden. 1) Nindo...