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  1. Ambarsaria

    The Royal Falcon Musical Reviewed By Sonia Dhami

    The Royal Falcon Musical reviewed by Sonia Dhami February 8th, 2012 | Published in Featured, People & Events by Sonia Dhami Click to Enlarge The Royal Falcon musical is an irresistibly cute but inspiring episode from the life of young Arjan and his magical...
  2. Admin

    Sikhism The Royal Falcon By Jessi Kaur

    About the Book Eight-year-old Arjan suspects his class mate of stealing his special pencil. In a magical moment, Guru Gobind Singh ji’s falcon comes alive to help him. Will Arjan get his pencil back? Why does the royal falcon take him back in time to 1705 to witness Guru ji’s court in session...
  3. V

    The White Falcon Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

    The Gryfalcon is the only 'regularly white falcon' that exists, it's also the largest of the falcons and would have been a very prized possession during the seventeenth century especially in Asia. This is because it would have been a valuable commodity for dignitaries and rich individuals to...