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  1. spnadmin

    Heritage The Sikh Darbar At Lahore And The Fakir Brothers

    The Sikh Darbar at Lahore and the Fakir Brothers By Fakir S. Aijazuddin http://newsweekpakistan.com/the-sikh-darbar-at-lahore-and-the-fakir-brothers/ Exclusive excerpts from ‘The Resourceful Fakirs: Three Muslim Brothers at the Sikh Court of Lahore.’ Punjab, the area to which...
  2. spnadmin

    Heritage Lahore: The Maharaja And The Fakir (Sikh Nugget)

    When you enter Bhati Gate and walk up Bazaar Hakeeman, just after the first mound dips and the second starts, to the right is a beautiful old ‘haveli’. This is the famous Fakirkhana, the house of the famous Fakir family, for in the reign of Maharajah Ranjit Singh three brothers, all powerful...
  3. Admin

    The Real Ranjit Singh: An Account Based On The Archive Of Fakir Family By H.S. Virk

    The Real Ranjit Singh: An Account based on the Archive of Fakir Family H.S. Virk Department of Physics, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar-143005 History is not science and it can be twisted to suit the whims of the ruling class. Much has been written about Maharaja Ranjit Singh during his...
  4. N

    Baba Virsa Singh : Fakir Attracts Huge Birthday Crowds

    Fakir attracts huge birthday crowds Sunday 20 February 2005, 10:43 Makka Time, 7:43 GMT A Russian politician is among those travelling to meet Singh Thousands are flocking to the northern Indian farmlands of Gadaipur on the outskirts of New Delhi for spiritual fulfillment at the...