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  1. arshdeep88

    What We Expect And What We Give

    One of the few incidents that I would like to share, Just to show where we all stand and I have no shame in including myself there too. In daily life how much we go on complaining to people, complaining about life and being ungrateful for the very little things that we don't have, and how...
  2. spnadmin

    Gurdwara - What To Expect - Prayers And Hukamnama

    This is the second part of a set of threads devoted to understanding what is happening when you first visit a Gurdwara. The images and text are taken from the About.com blog of Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa.
  3. spnadmin

    Gurdwara - What To Expect - A Simple Overview

    Sangat ji There are topics that many newcomers to Sikhism ask about frequently. The first visit to a gurdwara is something that I have noticed causes a little case of nerves. It is understandable because when a religion is completely new -- and when services fall completely outside of one's...
  4. K

    Why Do Sikh Preachers Expect 100% Community To Be Religious

    This thing comes to my mind again and again.that sikh preachers expect 100% sikh community to be religious which is not possible.and if someone is not following sikhi then orthodox sikhs started saying that they are not sikhs .Gyani sant singh ji maskeen himself said that no community in the...