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  1. Kamala

    Earrings Allowed?

    Okay so the other forum never explained anything clearly to me. I was wondering if a female Sikh woman who has taken Amrit be allowed to get her ear's priced? Vaccines are allowed that make a hole inside one's body but why not earrings? If it's about you cannot wear jewelry I always see Sikh...
  2. truthseeker

    Earrings, Rings, Make-up

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!! Today, i was at the store with my family and my mother wanted me to wear earrings. I already have my ears peirced from when i was a child but havent worn them for about 4 years now, except on the odd occassion when i was forced. SO ya my Grandmother...
  3. N

    Christianity Museum Displays Pocahontas' Earrings (Newsday)

    LONDON -- A pair of mussel shell earrings set in silver and believed to be among the only surviving possessions of legendary American Indian princess Pocahontas went on display at a London museum Friday in their first public showing since 1907...