1. aristotle

    Young Sikhs In Maryland Fight Bias With Diplomacy In The Classroom

    One recent afternoon, two dozen teenagers stayed late at Hoover Middle School in Potomac, Md., for a presentation on Jewish culture. They tasted matzoh brittle, spun dreidels, colored Purim masks and watched a video of a rabbi blowing a ram’s horn. Some clowned or texted, but one student...
  2. Admin

    Mango Diplomacy - Americans Flock To Toronto To Buy Coveted Mangoes

    It was an impulsive act of love, almost bordering on obsession, which led Waseem Haider to do the unthinkable: smuggle a harmless, yet forbidden, substance across the U.S-Canada border. The goods - two cases of sweet and juicy Pakistani mangoes of the chaunsa variety - didn't get very far...
  3. Admin

    Opinion Dinner Diplomacy And Indian Americans

    Indo American community’s time is either spent in securing US visa for discredited leaders like Gujarat CM Narendra Modi or celebrating the Independence Day by flaunting Indian tricolor in the face of some who underline the other bigger reality...