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    Sikh News The Alarm Punjab Didn’t Hear (The Telegraph)

    New Delhi, Oct. 15: The Union home ministry had warned Punjab less than a month ago that Ludhiana, one of the richest industrial towns in the state, could be a prime target for terror strikes. More...
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    Sikh News Owner Says Club Didn't Mean To Single Out Sikh (The Salt Lake Tribune)

    The owner of an upscale Salt Lake City private club is apologizing for turning away a Sikh man because his turban violated its no-hats policy. The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund wrote a letter to Club Habits complaining that in July, Harpreet Singh Multani of More...
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    Gurus Did'nt 6th Guru Betray His Father?

    Sath shri Akal Jee.. I was reading about the Guru's life and something "scared" me. on a text about Shaheed Guru Arjan Dev Jee i read that it was Jahangir who tortured him to death, or atleast ordered the torturere to take place. during the text of the next Guru, HarGobind Jee it says that...