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  1. S

    Professor Sahib Singh: Devi Pooja And Guru Gobind Singh (Punjabi Only)

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Going to share a very nice researched article by Professor Sahib Singh about Devi Poojan and Guru Gobind Singh, Published in magazine in 1941. He quotes various examples from Bachitar Natak, Shastarnaam mala, Triya Charitar, Bhagauti Astotar banis...
  2. Admin

    Asha Devi - An Article By Bhagat Puran Singh Ji

    "Asha Devi" An article by Bhagat Puran Singh In 1948 my dwelling was located inside the boundary of the railway station. There is a Pipal tree on the road in front of the Railway post office; there is also a footpath along the road. This is where I spent a couple of months. At this place we...
  3. D

    Stampede At Naina Devi Temple

    i feel sorry for all those ppl who lost their lives, may their souls rest in a peace but i was looking at the list of those who died and majority of them hav a kaur and singh in their names......which means they were sikh......what were they doing at the naina devi when our guru's strictly...
  4. K

    Gurmat's View On Devi Devte (hindu Gods)?

    By Manvir Singh ji Daas would like to share a question which a non-Sikh emailed me with and the reply to it. Thanks Q/ What is the meaning of pauree (stanza) 25 in Japji Sahib, which talks about Brahma and Shiva speaking? What is the first Nanak's view of the Hindu devas? Does the Guru Granth...