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  1. Tejwant Singh

    Islam Devastating Blow To Radical Islam: What The Media Missed

    Devastating Blow to Radical Islam: What the Media Missed by Barry Landow http://www.huffingtonpost.com/barry-lando/devestating-blow-to-radic_b_3557642.html If true, what may be a far more devastating -- and under reported -- blow against radical Islam than the killing of Osama Bin Laden...
  2. V

    Re: Devastating Effects Of Drugs In Amritsar,Sad

    SABD GURU ON MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCES\ ABSTRACT \ Drug abuse is a disease that affects many people in the world. This includes, Punjab as well the rest of country-region or where ever one lives today. It not only affects the individuals, but also their families, friends, co-workers, and...
  3. Vikram singh

    Sikh News Devastating Effects Of Drugs In Amritsar,Sad

    Prerna Suri reports on the devastating effects of drugs in one of India's most holy cities, Amritsar. The city, home to the Golden Temple, a major site for the Sikh religion, highlights both the dangers of drug abuse and the drug trade. Its proximity to Pakistan and Afghanistan have created a...