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  1. D

    Is violence and deception right ?

  2. Vikram singh

    India Hindutva Terror Lies And Deception

    The violent world of bloodthirsty terrorists and their equally bloodthirsty, covert pursuers can always be built on a body of lies and deception. For couple of years now, we find with unerring regularity that earlier police investigations showing the hand of Islamic militants in the blasts in...
  3. S

    Kapat (Deception)

    Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Raam Das Ji Sache Paatshah De Paavan Bachan Panna # 732 hir hir krih inq kptu kmwvih ihrdw suDu n hoeI ] (732-6, sUhI, mÚ 4) har har karahi nit kapat kamaaveh hirdaa suDh na ho-ee. One who chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, while constantly practicing deception, shall...
  4. simranjeetsinghsimmy

    Sikh News Is Baba Nanak An Avatar Of Lord Vishnu In Any Context?

    sat sri akaal ji saareyan nu... well... i knw sm guys wil find an offense wid me on posting this thread, but i cud nt control myself. sorry in advance... on PZ10.com forums in words of wisdom section there is a thread named 'sufi shayari'... and in that thread, recently a comment was...
  5. K

    Islam Interesting Deception Muslims Can Use - LYING!

    To all Sikhs be aware of this. I came across this whilst surfing the net. .
  6. B

    Deception And Fraud

    Sorry to say this but we all appear to be a victim of a fraud perpetrated by our own people. People who since the day they were beaten by the British badly have been in awe of them. And since then have been making all effort to make Sikhi sound and appear and 'not-much' different from the...